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26 April 2018

First, thanks for your feedback on the test version of our independently scrolling columns on the headline pages. The scrollers won in a landslide. So last night we refreshed all the headline pages (current and archival) with the new scrolling CSS.

If you're reading this on a phone, you may not notice. To see the new behavior read the site in landscape mode (turn your phone 45 degrees to widescreen). You won't see it in portrait mode where only one column is displayed (and always scrolls).

It was an interesting experiment behind the scenes here.

It was an interesting experiment behind the scenes here.

Our CSS code goes back a long way. It was originally written for our personal site (which still hosts and sits above Photo Corners) at a time when CSS support was restricted to typography.

Over the years CSS support has expanded to include layout and our new headline CSS code takes that approach. With over 4,500 HTML files on the site, we're pleased the old code still works very well for everything else on the site.

But we took a few stabs at seeing how far the new design could be extended. That was the "interesting" part.

You have to know when to fold them, as somebody once mournfully sang, and we did. Headlines are improved. The rest of the site is stable. We're walking away from this site tweak while we're ahead.

But let us know if you run into any issues.

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