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Adobe Makes Creative Cloud Rain For K-12 Schools Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

3 May 2018

As teachers in several states strike to fight for an investment in an educational system devastated by tax cuts, Adobe has announced an annual $4.99 license for K-12 schools that opens the entire Creative Cloud suite to a new generation.

The new price, a significant drop from the previous $35 a month per head, requires a minimum purchase of 500 licenses for a single school or 2,500 licences for a school district. This new pricing and licensing is accompanied by new professional development offerings and lesson plans focused on Adobe Spark and Creative Cloud and recent release of Spark for Education with premium features free of charge for K-12 students.

"Strengthening the 'A' in STEAM and making art and creativity core to the student learning experience is Adobe's responsibility," said Mala Sharma, vice president and general manager of Adobe's Creative Cloud Product, Marketing and Community. "Digital storytelling is a critical skill for all students and enabling them to start creating videos, editing photos and publishing Web sites by grade 6 and earlier is key.

"Making Creative Cloud available at $4.99 per year, per license -- with access in schools and at home -- is going to be a game changer, providing students and teachers access to apps that will unlock their inherent creativity in new and exciting ways. Making Creative Cloud affordable is just one of many actions we're taking to reduce the barriers to teaching these skills in today's classrooms."


This offer will be available May 15 ain the U.S., Europe, Japan, New Zealand and India. In the U.S., school sites are eligible for the offer starting at $2,495 per year, which includes 500 user licenses for students and teachers and school districts are eligible for the offer starting at $12,475 per year, which includes 2,500 user licenses. Also in the U.S., additional purchases can be made in increments of 50 user licenses starting at $250. Pricing and minimums vary by region.

For more information and to purchase Creative Cloud for their K-12 classrooms, K-12 schools and districts can contact their Authorized Adobe Resellers.

For more information see the Adobe blog post and visit the Creative Cloud for Education site.

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