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8 May 2018

Adobe has announced seven new Creative Residents who have pledged to use their talents to make a positive impact in both the creative community and around the world. In return the company will provide access to its creative tools and resources plus the opportunity to share what they learn and their creative insights across a larger creative community.

Over the next year, the Creative Residents, will work on a personal project, breaking down the creative process for the rest of us.

This year the Creative Residents are comprised of four residents from the United States, two from Germany and one from the UK. Three of the seven are photograghers: Temi Coker, Aaron Bernstein and Laura Zalenga. The full list includes:

  • Temi Coker is a graphic designer and photographer based in Dallas, Tex., merging design and photography to create visuals for fashion, music and sports. He's using his residency to explore different techniques in his artwork, document his process and make an online hub where creatives can learn how to create amazing artwork and grow in their craft.
  • Anna Daviscourt is an illustrator from Portland, Ore., using her residency to blend a love of whimsical design and storytelling to create her own children's book, Scaredy Cat. Challenging herself to grow as both an author and artist, she's sharing each step of her journey as she writes, illustrates and pursues publication of her book.
  • Aaron Bernstein is a New York City-based photographer with a passion for food and still-life photography, spending his residency launching an online culinary publication focused on the cultural influence of food. He's also hosting a Saturday dinner series and capturing the experiences through portrait photography and video.
  • Andrea Hock is a UX/VX designer from St. Louis, Miss., using vector graphics and photography to create her interfaces. During her residency, she's focusing on conducting research and creating a series of designs related to the Internet of Things, while addressing issues like security and data privacy.
  • Nadine Kolodziey, a visual artist and illustrator based in Germany, combines analog and digital materials to create walkable environments. Her work is dedicated to the field of visual research and her residency project, "The Undrawn Drawing," involves touring through Germany and inviting the community to explore the digital and analog possibilities of illustration and to push the boundaries of what we know as drawing.
  • Isabel Lea is co-founder of the UK-based creative studio Atypical, working at the intersection of typography, design and art direction to visualize language, culture and identity. For her residency project, she's exploring how typography-led design can respond to a place, its language and its cultural identity.
  • Laura Zalenga is a portrait-photographer from Germany who's always searching for interesting faces, magical places and special light situations. For her residency year, she's using photographs and textual storytelling, and working with video for the first time, to focus on old age and its unique beauty.

For more information about Adobe's Creative Residents, visit Introducing the 2018-2019 Adobe Creative Residents.

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