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14 May 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Paul Garcia, Gordan Parks' Ella Watson, Sony Kando, concert photography, a cross-polarization demo, a portfolio project, a Nikon D800 fix and defending your copyright.

  • Objects as cultural artifacts are what inspire New Ways of Seeing for Paul Garcia. "My fascination with mechanical processes, decay and the slow loss of form might appear as a convenient intellectual conceit, but living on a farm, you notice daily deterioration and decomposing more than most," the Liverpool photographer writes.
  • Deborah Willis profiles Ella Watson, the mother and worker Gordon Parks photographed at American Gothic holding her broom. He took at least 90 images of her over the years, which Willis considers in the light of the memories of Watson's great-granddaughter Rosslyn Samuels.
  • Thom Hogan attended Sony Kando 2.0 in Monterey's Asilomar Conference Center. His recap includes some sunset surfing shots. But he had even more fun than that. "It's when I'm around other photographers who are doing different things than I that my brain tends to ignite with new ideas and creativity," he writes.
  • Music photographer Terrence Blanton's Guide to Getting Started in Concert Photography covers gear and tips for your next authorized concert shoot.
  • Jim Kasson's Cross-Polarization Demo takes the shine off a pomegranate branch with some buds. Not an easy thing to do. "If I had used ISO 100, I'd have needed a 2400 watt-second strobe or would have had to use four pops," he writes.
  • Derrick Story has embarked on The Portfolio Project to create a portfolio site with Portfoliobox (that's his link offering a 20 percent discount).
  • In Nikon D800x Known Weakness and Cheap Fix, Kirk Tuck prevents a problem with a $39 vertical grip, less than 10 percent what it would have cost for the Nikon version.
  • In the first of their two-part Fool's Gold, Greenberg and Reznicki return to their unmasking of "the plethora of photo 'search' or 'enforcement' companies" offering to defend your copyright. The duo provides "just the facts about the real world of copyright infringement."

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