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25 May 2018

We found ourselves at Stow Lake twice this week with different cameras. And looking over the site, we notice we've never done a slide show of the scenic spot, although we have featured it a number of times.

We had more time on our first visit than we did on our subsequent one. But we felt constrained by the shorter lens we used on our first visit. So the second visit, on a sunnier day, filled in the blanks. The shots we wished we'd gotten.

Different days and different cameras.

The first, foggy day was shot with an Olympus E-PL1 and its 14-42mm kit lens. The second day was shot with a Nikon D200 with an 18-200mm Nikkor with a UV filter.

There was plenty of water fowl action to follow (including some newly-minted goslings) along with the perennial scenics of Huntington Falls and the Chinese pagoda. But we found the flora around Golden Gate Park's largest body of water just as compelling.

We must not have covered more than 30 yards along the southeastern bank of the lake in these shots. We were pressed for time, yes, but we just couldn't help taking a few minutes to frame a few shots. We may not have walked very far, but we were pretty busy.

There were a couple of camera thefts here a while ago, although not recently. The lake is surrounded by a road and that convenient access also makes it easy to escape. So if you're going to shoot, be aware of your surroundings and don't become isolated.

Take a hint from the geese and flock together.

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