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1 June 2018

It was such a beautiful morning last Sunday that we grabbed the Nikon D200 (never did a shutter sound as sweet) and the 18-200mm Nikkor and took a walk through a very peaceful, well-manicured nearby neighborhood. We were looking for a red poppy but we found much more.

For most of the quiet walk, we kept the camera in its bag. But we stopped the tour when we saw Volley Ball No. 5 squashed against a weathered window. You just can't pass by something like that.

And then we just couldn't put the camera away.

It wasn't so much the things we saw but the light we saw them in. A luminous shade where reflections bounced all over the place.

Oh, how we bless the day perspective control came into our tool bag.

In fact, our usual edits diminished the captures, so we reined ourselves in, making mainly edits that mainly affected sharpness and composition.

Oh, how we bless the day perspective control came into our tool bag. We almost always use the custom controls, drawing lines to indicate what should be horizontal or vertical.

We've found you need not draw all four. One vertical and one horizontal will often do -- particularly when that's all you have.

A quiet, contemplative walk like this encourages your mind to wander, too.

We imagined the lives in these places, the people who tended the gardens, the motifs we came across like succulent plantings and even chimneys, which seemed to each have their own personality.

And we vowed to return to these quiet back streets to see what else we could find.

A promise we intend to keep.

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