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11 June 2018

We feel a civic duty to report dangers when they're observed at some of the more popular places in the city we call home. It alerts both residents and visitors to be wary of situations that may not otherwise be obvious.

Temptation. It's not safe here to leave anything in your car, day or night.

But, you know, once in a while, as the Italian poet Salvatore Quasimodo once put it, one day is enough to balance the scale. And recently on our neighborhood Web site, someone posted a surprisingly happy ending after leaving valuables in their car overnight. That inspired an avalanche of comments reporting similar happy endings.

We include the (mostly) unedited text of the thread here as a finger on the scale in these hard times.

some good news for once

I accidentally left my wallet sitting in plain view on the front seat of my car overnight -- and it was still there the next day. Got lucky, sure, but all is not lost with this world. :)


How nice to have a happy ending. Made my day as perhaps all is not lost. Thanks

Never lose faith with humanity.

Nice, I've done that with my phone several times.

Yeah I did that with my iPad once. I am happy for you! I felt so dumb. Thanks for sharing good news (:

WOW what EVER did u do Arron to have such a miracle? Good guy i spoze?

we left our garage door open and returned home with everything just fine -thanks for sharing the good news

Nice, I left my wallet at the CVS pharmacy on Portola. They held it and had it for me after I called them the next day. We were both lucky.

Pleased to hear it was still there the next day and thank you for sharing. Yes, it's great to hear good news!

One of my kids left the back window rolled down in our car last week and I didn't catch it til the next morning. Nothing was disturbed :)

Thanks for sharing some good news -- greatly appreciated.

I left the flue open in my fireplace and the next morning there were Christmas presents all over the living room.

I recently left my back door wide open all day when no one was home and everything was intact.

Yes I once dropped my wallet in a parking lot in San Mateo. I was on my way to Monterey just as I got to Pescadero on Hwy 1 when I realized I didn't have my wallet. Turned around went back to where I thought it was. There it was been laying there for an hour. Nobody noticed it someone had to have stepped over it. I was soooooo relieved.

Luck is a wonderful thing.

I lost my watch when I was a child on the beach. I went back with my family and I was able to find it. I never forgot that incident. Amazing

So refreshing to hear some soon news. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

looks like there is not a thief lurking by our every mistake! I've done my share of dumb things, too without unfortunate results! Glad to hear life is not so bad after all!

Quick, go buy a lottery ticket!

I would say this is more than just luck or at least that Arron made his own luck. From what I have seen here on Next Door, Arron has raised much neighborhood awareness of the rise in property crimes and successfully gotten police to step up patrol. I am sure that the criminals are taking notice and avoiding neighborhoods like Arron's.

Daughter left her wallet on the table at Pret-a-Manger in London just down from the Coliseum. Did not notice it was gone until we got back to the hotel. Ran all the way back to Pret;, Management had it secured -- Merci Grand Dieu!!

Lynn, I love the British Too and French.



San Francisco is the only city where it's newsworthy when stuff isn't stolen from your car.

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