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18 June 2018

Phase One is offering all six Capture One Style Packs in one discounted bundle. The Complete Collection of 139 Styles will be available through June 24, 11 p.m. CEST for $197/€217. That's a savings from $394/€434 when bought individually.

The company has also posted 11 tips on migrating from Lightroom, which includes a free HSL preset.


The Complete Collection includes the following style packs:

  • B&W: The perfect foundation for creating great monochromatic images. Each style has a unique mix of channel luminosity, varying in lightness and contrast.
  • Cinematic: Provides color grading, contrast curves and film grain inspired by the magic of the cinema.
  • Film: Focuses on the color, contrast and texture known from popular analog photography film types.
  • Matte: The popular soft look of matte shadows and interesting color grading. The perfect foundation for every type of photography, especially suited for travel, wedding and documentary.
  • Seasonal: A broad variety of Styles ranging from cool, toned down winter colors to vivid summer with blue skies and warm sand.
  • Spectrum: One-click high-end color grading. Perfect for round-trip workflows as final touch to retouched PSD or TIFF files.


Additionally, Capture One has posted 11 Killer Tips for Switching From Lightroom to Capture One.

The post also includes a free Color Editor Preset to match known colors from the HSL Tool in Lightroom, making it easier to transition from Lightroom and use the Color Editor in Capture One.

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