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18 June 2018

Lemkesoft has released GraphicConverter 10.6.1, the Swiss Army knife image editing utility, with new and updated features plus a few bug fixes. Version 10.6 was first released April 19.


The full list of new features in 10.6.1 includes:

  • Browser: edit name kind toolbar item (allows to change file name editing to IPTC/XMP title editing)
  • Browser/convert & modify: save action added (to create complex batch actions with multiply save operations)
  • Browser/convert & modify: reload action added (maybe useful is save action is used)
  • Browser/convert & modify: subfolder action added
  • Browser/convert & modify: anonymize faces action added
  • Browser context menu: added option to edit tags directly
  • Menu effect: graduated filter
  • Browser/image window: added icon to show/hide toolbar (10.10 or later)
  • Prefs convert/general: added settings for auto convert

The full list of new features in 10.6 included:

  • Convert AVI to MP4 with keeping the data/time original tag
  • Browser context menu: Copy IPTC Keywords to Caption
  • Browser edit: option to advance to next item after change of rating or label
  • General prefs: option to open browser instead of document upon drag and drop
  • Import of ORA (OpenRaster) added
  • Browser context menu: Copy IPTC/XMP, Label and Rating from JPGs to RAWs
  • Browser: option to display label as background
  • Menu and batch actions: scale with crop and blur
  • Action: Grayworld
  • Action: Use original name
  • Menu: Skin Tone effect
  • Menu: Skin Smoothing effect


Updated features in 10.6.1 include:

  • Added GPS detection in RW2 files
  • Updated localizations
  • Browser/convert and modify: change format action, added options
  • Position palette: displays line length and angle during drawing a line
  • Prefs save/resource: added option for icon size
  • Reduced file access in browser for files without GPS location
  • Image toolbar: added print icon
  • Import from digital camera: added predefined folder option
  • Multi core support for batch conversions improved
  • Support for extraction of multiple images of ithmb files added
  • Add/remove margins: added "set for all" and "use last values"

Updated features in 10.6 included:

  • Updated ExifTool
  • Updated dynapdf
  • Added option-key + left mouse click onto toolbox in addition to double click
  • Added histogram display to adjust operator
  • Label and rating change will applied to Raw/JPG pairs if prefs is active under browser/edit
  • Core image filters: added option to avoid alpha channel adding
  • First steps dialog improved
  • Apply LUT: supports now lookup_xxxx.png files


GraphicConverter 10.6.1 requires Mac OS 10 10.9 or higher.


The $39.95 utility is available directly from Lemkesoft or, with reduced functionality, from the Mac App Store. Upgrades from version 9 are $25.95.

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