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19 June 2018

Adobe has released several updates including a sneak peek of Project Rush, a new all-in-one, cross-device video editing app, the public beta release of Adobe Spark Post for Android, new features for the Lightroom CC ecosystem and Lightroom Classic, an Adobe XD update and enhanced integration between Adobe PDF services and Microsoft Office 365.

See below for summaries of the changes. For more information click on the links embedded below for the relevant Adobe blog entries.


Available later this year, Project Rush is the first all-in-one, cross-device video editing app. The integrated desktop and mobile solution automatically syncs all your projects to the cloud, allowing you to work anywhere, on any device. It harnesses the power of Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Premiere Pro and After Effects to deliver a streamlined and intuitive user experience.

Simplified editing, color, audio and titling are at your fingertips, while Adobe Stock integration and editable Motion Graphics templates allow you to get up-and-running quickly.


Lightroom CC is now able to synchronize both presets and profiles, including custom-created presets and third-party presets and profiles between Lightroom CC for Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android, ChromeOS, as well as on the Web. This gives you access to any preset you've made or purchased on any device.

Lightroom CC on the desktop adds batch copy and paste settings, plus enhanced album sharing options. Lightroom CC mobile adds preset creation, a Healing brush and chromatic aberration removal (iOS only).

Long Exposure. Captures a series of DNGs or JPEGs, analyzes each image to stabilize them, then merges the images together.

This release also includes additional new features in the Windows and Mac desktop apps and iOS and Android mobile apps, two new Technology Previews (Long Exposure mode and Guided Tutorial) and an update to Lightroom Classic.


The first public beta of Adobe Spark Post is based on the "same foundation as the iOS and Web apps." Adobe Spark Post, which helps you create graphics for all occasions, is available on the Google Play Store for download now.


Following the launch of the free XD CC Starter plan, Adobe is updating Adobe XD with Overlays and Fixed Elements, private sharing for greater security when viewing, interacting and collaborating on prototypes and Design Specs, a new math calculations feature, plus design feature enhancements that include crop and placement controls for images dragged from the desktop to fill shapes.


Adobe and Microsoft are collaborating to make it easier for creative agencies and their clients to quickly and easily share draft work, proposals and other information with each other. Creatives can save and store creative projects as high-quality PDFs that preserve the original fonts, formatting and layouts without ever leaving Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive.

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