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20 June 2018

In a blog post today, 500px announced Aneta Filiciak, former vice president of strategic development, has been named CEO.

"What I love about 500px," Filiciak said, "is that we're a true community that serves passionate photographers across all stages of their artistic and commercial journey.

"Whether you're a new photographer looking for inspiration or one of our more experienced creatives trying to monetize your work or skills, I see 500px as the premier place to be. We're here to support you and help you grow."

As vice president of strategic development, Filiciak managed key strategic partnerships and oversaw all aspects of the business focused on providing community members with ways to monetize their work and skills. She holds degrees in both mathematics and psychology, as well as an MBA. Prior to joining 500px, she worked in management consulting and financial services.

"500px has always been and will continue to be, focused on encouraging, celebrating and rewarding incredible photography," she added. "We continually work on creating the best experience for our community members."

The post outlined several initiative members can expect to see in the coming months:

  • An updated Home Feed experience to better distribute photo exposure on the platform
  • Improvements for personalized photo recommendations, so you see the type of content you want
  • A simplified Discover experience, which will allow you to easily navigate to the type of content you want to explore
  • Revamped tools and resources for contributors, including sophisticated AI-powered keywording to increase photo sales
  • An improved profile layout that ensures 500px is the best place to showcase your work, plus, a new activity log on profiles, which will allow users to check out what photographers they follow are up to in the community

For more information see blog post at 500px.

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