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22 June 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at funny hats, Austria's Ausseerland region, a dry cabinet for your gear, two post-processed iPhone images, Vancouver workshops and a Lowepro backpack deal.

  • And now for something completely different: Hats of the Royal Ascot. Alan Taylor collected 28 images of the most hilarious examples of "over-the-top" head gear. Number 12 made us hungry.
  • In Timeless Tradition, Armin Walcher explores Austria's Ausseerland region "in search of the hard-to-pin-down sense of local identity via 30 in-depth encounters with local craftspeople, musicians and artists." Walcher finds, "A strong sense of identity and home will protect you from ever being afraid of change and movement."
  • Derrick Story is Hands on With the Ruggard Electronic Dry Cabinet, a $249 humidifier. But humidity isn't really a problem where we are. Enough to avoid electrostatic buildup and not enough to corrode. We'd put cigars in it, frankly.
  • Harold Davis presents Two From the iPhone Files, both "tweaked in Snapseed on my iPhone, then processed using the Antique Oil Painting Filter in the Photo Lab Pro app." Charming compositions to begin with, they take on another life after post processing.
  • Joe McNally is Returning to Vancouver for two Nikon-sponsored workshops in July.
  • Adorama has the $90 Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II for $75. That packs a 15-inch laptop, dSLR and extra lenses in its big frame. We've used the 150 AW, which holds a 13-inch laptop, dSLR and more, for years (including a long urban hike yesterday), preferring the design to even the Peak Design Everyday Backpack.

More to come! Meanwhile, please support our efforts...

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