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Adobe Announces Four Major Updates To Behance Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

26 June 2018

In a blog post titled How Creatives Create: A Brand New Behance by William Allen, Adobe announced four major updates to its Behance platform.

"Creators too often don't get enough credit for their work, toiling away without the audience you deserve," Allen summed up the changes. "So the future of Behance is guided by a simple equation: exposure (for your work) plus attribution (so people know you did it) equals opportunity."

The new features include:

  • A For You page, driven by a Sensei AI-powered recommendation engine, to better follow the creative fields you're most interested in and ensure you can find the creator behind the project.
  • A Work in Progress format for sharing unfinished work for 24 hours to solicit feedback and encourage collaboration.
  • An entirely new discovery experience on iOS (soon to be released on Android as well), which makes it easier than ever to both browse and share beautiful work.
  • The broadcast of high-quality live streaming via Adobe Live. Behance will invite talented creatives to appear weekly on the Behance network.

The launch of these new features gives creatives more of a chance to learn from and collaborate with other creatives across the globe while immersing themselves in incredible work.

For more information see the blog post.

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