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30 June 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at shooting live theater, Zach Wolfe, tripods in the national parks, an LED light you control from an app, returning to Lightroom from Capture One and Caffenol.

  • Kirk Tuck has posted 275 Photographs From Live Theater Productions on SmugMug. He used the set in a presentation on theater photography last week. "I love these photos because they require me to be quick on my feet, always thinking ahead, yet at the same time reacting to the constant changes of lighting color temperature, exposure, blocking, composition and timing to make good work," he writes.
  • In Hip-Hop Photographer Zach Wolfe Is Still Hungry, Summer Wilson spends some time with Wolfe, digging into his photography archive, going on a photoshoot with Atlanta Hawks basketball player Taurean Prince and exploring the streets of Atlanta.
  • In Understanding the Tripod Ban, Justin Black tries to clarify the new national parks regulation at least regarding Zion National Park. "To cut to the chase, I can confirm that tripods are essentially banned from use by commercial workshop groups in areas accessed by trailheads in Zion Canyon," he writes.
  • Lloyd Chambers (not to mention his daughter) loves the Luxli Cello RGBAW LED Light. An iPhone app can control the unit's color temperature remotely.
  • After 6+ Months With Capture One, I'm Coming Back to Lightroom, Anthony Thurston writes. What closed the deal? He says it's "the preset syncing that Adobe launched in the latest update."
  • In The Caffenol Project, Brandon Huff reports on his foray into developing film with coffee. Cafenol uses instant coffee, Vitamin C and washing soda but if coffee is not your thing there are recipes that use beer or wine instead. Or, you know, you could drink the beer, wine and coffee and just use HC-110 instead. BTW, the Instructables discussion of Cafenol includes an incorrect description of the developing process. Put succinctly, the developer turns exposed silver black without removing any silver at all before the stop bath halts that process on contact, leaving the fixer to remove the unexposed silver from the emulsion. We would routinely recycle the silver only from spent fixer at the lab we inhabited in the last century.

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