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2 July 2018

Of the 78 stories we've just archive in Photo Corners Volume 6 Number 7, 19 were Features, 31 were commented News items, 26 were Editor's Notes (including well over 130 items of interest), one was a Review and one was a Site Note.

READERSHIP FIGURES show a new record in unique site visitors, up over 10 percent from last month, as well as visits.

Three news stories led the way and leading them by a good margin was our coverage of Chromatag, a new application that lets you use your voice to tag images. Our coverage of Peak Design's anchor replacements followed, leading our DO updates story by a slim margin.

One stumbles if one walks at all. But the solution is not to give up walking.

DxO did just what it said it would do, updating PhotoLab and releasing its first home-grown (and modern) compilation of the venerable Nik Collection, which we highlighted in our Sign of the Times piece. Reports of the company's demise were somewhat short of wise, let's just say.

The second installment of our long-delayed review of the DNP DS-620A printer was next on the list. That installment covered (thoroughly, we hasten to add) your installation options, which are numerous and tricky. We hope to finish the complete review this month.

Our Horn from June 2 made it into the top five for some reason. But we're glad to see it. Our compilation of the few among many stories each day that we consider worthy of your attention is one of the things we find most valuable here and we're glad to see it appreciated.

Matinees and slide shows were all in the top listings as well. As were obits, which seem to be multiplying after a quiet start to the year.

WE DID STUMBLE a few more times in June than usual, requiring us to revise typos in a couple of URLs and finally zapping the underlined links on our headline pages, a detail that escaped us during that recent redesign because we use a small but helpful CSS file of defaults that does that for us on every site Safari displays.

One stumbles if one walks at all. But the solution is not to give up walking.

You just carry on, trying to maintain your balance with a bit more vigilance. Advice for the age we live in, one might say.

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