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10 July 2018

Excire, the U.S. affiliate of the German Pattern Recognition Co. opening for business today, has released a set of Lightroom plug-ins to search a local catalog using artificial intelligence rather than keywords.


Unlike Adobe's Sensei search, Excire Search does not require you to upload your images to the cloud for processing. Instead, with Excire Search you search by image content by combining different search words. You can them refine your search for similar images by selecting a key image. The video below demonstrates how it works:

Initializing the catalog can take a while, depending on the size of your catalog. Excire recommends letting it run overnight on large catalogs. Subsequent imports require processing as well.


The $69 Excire Search Lightroom plug-in is a high-performance search engine that runs locally on your computer and does not require any cloud services. After installing the plug-in and initializing your Lightroom catalog, you are ready to perform some search tasks aided by artificial intelligence.

The $119 Excire Search Pro Lightroom plug-in provides all the features of the Excire Search plug-in plus an expanded keyword transfer function. Excire Search Pro equals the former Excire Search Premium Collection, which consists of the former modules EX, CT, FA & TT.

Both products are available directely from Excire. A free trial version is also available.

Excire Opens For Business in the U.S.

Software company is dedicated to bringing its Artificial Intelligence technologies to Photographers

NOKOMIS, Fla. -- Excire Inc. has announced it has opened sales and marketing operations in Florida, for its innovative artificial intelligence software designed specifically for use by professional photographers and those who aspire to be. Excire software was developed by computer scientists at the Pattern Recognition Co. in Germany, a spin-off from the world-renowned University of Lübeck in Germany. The Excire team consists of software engineers with unique skills in machine learning, neural networks and computer vision.

"Today's announced expansion into America is the first time since PRC was formed in 2005 that our technology company has chosen to re-locate in the United States. We are doing this in order to be closer to our customers, prospects and our business partners," said PRC's co- founder and Chief Executive Officer Erhardt Barth, PhD.

In two related announcements, Dr. Barth also announced that PhotoImaging Industry Executive Skip Cohen would be president of the American business unit, Excire Inc. Additionally, Ed Sanchez who was co-founder of Nik Software, which was sold to Google, would serve on the company's board of directors.

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