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11 July 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Kate Ryan, Gilmar Smith, pixl-latr, Alicia Rius, a bid for a real estate company, camera apps, RSS 'Shorty' tripod, Affinity Designer and net neutrality.

  • In Surviving the Long Term Trauma of Sexual Violence, Kate Ryan discusses Signed, X, her collection of photographs and interviews with 29 other long-term survivors of sexual assault.
  • Smith begins her guest blog Photographer & Photoshop Addict Gilmar Smith by pointing out, "Last time I wrote a post here, I was seven months pregnant, on bed rest, and stuffing my face with tiramisù ice cream" before she notes "I lost my fiancé a year after our baby was born. And that completely changed my life forever." The post goes on to list the lessons she learned after spending a year trying to make it as a photographer. "Ask people what you can bring to the table, what kind of help they need, how you can benefit each other," she sums it up.
  • Hamish Gill has launched a Kickstarter project for pixl-latr, a clever configurable frame with built-in diffuser to pose film from 35mm to 4x5 for copying with a digital camera. The project is already funded but there are still six days to get one for £32.
  • Create magazine has 5 & 3/4 Questions for Alicia Rius. "Animals make better subjects than people because they are innocent, natural and spontaneous," she answers one of them.
  • In Pricing & Negotiating: Marketing Materials for a Real Estate Company, the Wonderful Machine prices "cityscape images capturing the vibe of a neighborhood as well as portraits of the residents and business owners" for a real estate firm. The $26,150 bid was accepted.
  • The Sweet Setup tested "about a dozen highly-rated third-party camera apps we've found in the App Store" before concluding Halide is the best. It also gives a nod to ProCam5 and Obscura 2 before discussing a few more options.
  • Lloyd Chambers enthuses about the Really Right Stuff 'Shorty' Tripod. "The new shorty tripod is much faster and easier to get into the proper height and position vs. a full-size tripod, particularly with the PG-01 Compact Pano-Gimbal Head," he writes.
  • Affinity Designer for iPad, a desktop-grade graphic design solution for iOS, has been released at a $13.99 introductory price (regularly $19.99) through July 25. "And just in case you were wondering, Affinity Publisher will complete our roster of products later this year, bringing design, photo editing and desktop publishing into one unmatched, cutting-edge creative suite," the company added.
  • In Trump's Supreme Court Pick: ISPs Have First Amendment Right to Block Websites, Jon Brodkin reports Brett Kavanaugh "argued last year that net neutrality rules violate the First Amendment rights of Internet service providers by preventing them from 'exercising editorial control' over Internet content." Brodin adds the judge equated Internet Service Providers with cable TV companies rather than as common carriers, arguing "since cable TV companies can choose not to carry certain channels, Internet providers should be able to choose not to allow access to a certain Web site."

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