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Adobe Launches 'Photography for Good' With Ripple Effect Images Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

11 July 2018

Adobe and National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths of Ripple Effect Images have announced Photography for Good, a new initiative "to promote a creative legacy of positive change, activating the greater photography community to create visual art for good from a local to a global scale."

Griffiths founded Ripple Effect Images to help groups that empower women and children by assigning world-class photographers to document their programs. The resulting films and images are given to the aid groups to improve their fundraising.

In Lex van den Berghe's blog post announcing the initiative, Griffiths says:

Adobe is the leader of innovative visual storytelling, imagery and design. At Ripple, we want to show creators, from amateur to aspiring professional photographers, that they have the ability to affect change. We want to change the dynamic from 'please hire me or publish me' to 'I can create things that are needed.' We're opening their eyes to their ability to do these things." Together, with Adobe, we can do amazing things.

As part of the new campaign, photographers are encouraged to share their photos and experiences of working with organizations on social media with the hashtag #PhotographyForGood.

"Think about what you love, what you care about and who needs you," Griffiths suggests. "It could even be the local lacrosse team -- take photos and use them for a fundraiser. In an unpaid capacity, doing this work builds up confidence, reputation and skills to eventually move into a paid position and on to larger projects."

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