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6 August 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at a few rising stars, Nikon E lens on a PEN-F, tearing down a Canon 70-200mm f4L IS II, the importance of lighting, Images of Research contest, a Lightroom HDR trick and Ira Block's baseball book.

  • In Introducing the 2018 Adobe Rising Stars of Photography, Lex van den Berghe highlights the work of 10 "emerging photographers" from around the globe. The select group includes Gabriella Achadinha, Sarah Blesener, Michael Theodric, Mette Lampcov, Eza Chung, Irynka Hromotska, Sunny Herzinger, David Leong, Mekdela Maskal and Grace Chen.
  • In Vintage Match: Nikon Series E Optics With Olympus Mirrorless Cameras, Derrick Story mates an inexpensive Nikon Series E 50mm to an Olympus PEN-F with a $22 K&F Concept lens mount adapter. The adapter handles both the 50mm (100mm crop factor) and 100mm (200mm crop factor) lightweight Series E lenses.
  • Roger Cicala and Aaron Closz provide a Nearly Complete Teardown of the Canon 70-200mm f4L IS II for the lens zombies among us. Aaron does the dirty work. "It is clear that Canon is going with more and more straightforward adjustment of optics than the other manufacturers," Roger writes.
  • Kirk Tuck suggests cameras are good enough now that it's time we concentrated "a bit more" on Light and Lighting. "I once met a guy who could light with a bed sheet and a 100 watt light bulb screwed into a twelve dollar work light fixture," he writes. "He could shoot with a Canon Rebel and a kit lens and his images would absolutely mesmerize and gob smack legions of hacks who were shooting in poorly made light with the world's best cameras."
  • The University of South Australia has awarded first and second prizes in its Images of Research photo contest and opened voting for the People's Choice Award.
  • Scott Kelby reveals The Shocking Truth About Lightroom's HDR. It's just 16-bit. So pop into Photoshop to do 32-bit HDR tone corrections and save back to Lightroom for better detail and color, too.
  • Jonathan Blaustein took a look at Ira Block's Cuba Loves Baseball. "There is joy in the subjects of these pictures, but also in their taking," Blaustein writes, noting Block said the project took him back to his childhood. Cuba Loves Baseball presents 100 of the images Block captured for this project over three years.

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