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13 August 2018

It was just one of those things. Once we took the covers off, the fun began. We were, with the help of a pro bono electrician we know, just trying to add an electrical outlet in Mom's garage for a smart irrigation controller.

Working Late. iPhone 6 Plus at f2.2, 1/4 second and ISO 320.

But the existing box with a light switch in it didn't have a hot wire. So we had to hunt around until we found one up in the corner. Then the fun began, adding three wires from there to the light switch box with the new outlet.

When you're doing work pro bono there's never enough sunlight. And when you're an electrician, you have to cut the power off to work on the wiring. So you don't have either natural or artificial light to illuminate the situation.

There must be flashlight around, we thought. And we quickly found half a dozen of them. But none with batteries.

Which is where that bright LED from our electrician's iPhone came in handy, lighting up the work area so brightly that it blew out the highlights in the iPhone photo we took of him working away.

It's funny what a handy toolbox a smartphone is. It replaces a timepiece, a digicam, a flashlight and all sorts of other tools easily forgotten or misplaced. Funny and lucky.

And it makes some nice dramatic lighting. That's what prompted us to dig out our own phone and take the photo.

We finished the job shortly after this photo was taken, checked the time on our phones and found we still had just enough time to grab a bite to eat. Before the sun came up.

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