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17 August 2018

On Wednesday the iMac celebrated its 20th birthday. We thought we might have a photo of the original in one of its several fruit colors. We recall a blueberry model helping a nephew get through school.

After diligently searching our archives, we were only able to find this image from Seybold in 2001. It shows a Photoshop 6 tutorial on the screen.

Captured with a Nikon 990 digicam, which we used for years to cover trade shows, the image you see above was greatly enhanced (one might say "recovered") using Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop CC 2018.

You can see the difference in the rollover above. The original was shot at ISO 400 and 1/60 second at f4.2 under convention hall lighting that had an 8.0 Light Value.

That's how far image editing software has come in 20 years. And the iMac itself has come a long way, too. It may just be the best bang-for-the-buck image editing station Apple offers today.

Mom's iMac. State of the Art in 2017.

A vintage 2017 iMac replaced Mom's 2006 iMac when her browser could no longer be updated to log onto financial Web sites. The iPhone image of her watching birthday greeting videos above gives you an idea of how far the iMac has come in 20 years.

But it hasn't left either the child (now that bearded gent on the new iMac screen) or the adult (still checking her email on it) behind as its hardware and software has evolved.

Which is why we're taking a moment to celebrate its birthday and wish it many more.

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