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22 August 2018

Adobe has announced updates to the Lightroom CC ecosystem, including new features for both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC for Mac and Windows.


New in this update:

  • Lightroom Classic CC users receive Book Module updates, including new Blurb book styles Layflat, Magazines and Trade Books
  • Import a zip archive full of presets and profiles
  • Lightroom CC users can now save original copies of an album's photos locally and, while browsing, see if a photo is part of any albums in the Info panel
  • Support for new cameras and lenses


Lightroom CC for iOS and Android will also see a number of improvements, Adobe said. Those include:


  • Best Photos technology preview using Adobe Sensei and edited status
  • Reduce chromatic aberrations
  • Manually select from one of over 1,200 Adobe-created lens profiles
  • HEIC format support
  • Pause and resume synchronization within the cloud status tab
  • Watermarking guided tutorial


  • Depth Map Support technology preview, which adds a new mode in the in-app camera and lets users capture HEIC photos with depth maps
  • A new selective tool that leverages depth maps captured with the in-app camera or other capture tools
  • New smart folders "Lr Camera Photos" and "Recently Added"
  • New Shared Albums tab to see and control albums shared on
  • New multi-select mode (long tap to enter multi-select)
  • Updated Filter menu with options to filter by media type, camera, location, keywords and whether or not the photo has been edited
  • Smaller HDR and long exposure photos (up to 67 percent smaller)

Updates to Android and iOS will be available within a few weeks, the company added.

For more information, see the Adobe blog and the New Features list for the August update. In Lightroom Classic Updates -- Book Module, Presets & Profiles and HEIC Support, Julieanne Kost also has a recap on the updates.

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