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29 August 2018

Apple has launched one-on-one Photos training sessions of "a 30-minute guided phone session with a Photos expert" to show you "how to make all your photos phenomenal with the app's powerful, intuitive editing tools." Apparently hiding the interface has its drawbacks.

The support page document where you can schedule a session touts three benefits to the session:

  • You get 30 minutes one-on-one with a Photos expert who will describe how to edit the pictures in your own collection. The expert will tailor the session to your skill level, showing you how to get the results you want.
  • Your session guide will cover all the editing tools Photos offers from the one-click fix of the Auto Enhance tool to detailed tone and color adjustments. The expert will also help you edit your Live Photos and images taken in Portrait mode. You'll also learn how to crop and filter your photos and revert your adjustments if you want to start over.
  • The session is open to discussing your favorite photos and answering your questions. Your session guide will emphasize the tools you're most interested in and show you the best way to enhance each picture.

The sessions are available in the U.S. only and require the current versions of Photos and the relevant operating system. Calls should be conducted via speakerphone or headphones for hands-free operation. We found it possible to schedule a call back within 30 minutes.

No mention of a fee is made on the support page but it is under the auspices of Apple Support so presumably current a AppleCare policy is required. One happy user reported:

I have experienced these sessions and they are awesome! They actually will set up a screen sharing session so the "no visuals" is very incorrect. The advisor screenshared and I picked one of my favorite photos to edit with them. It was cool with their arrow darting around and showing me what to try to modify in my photo. Like yes it's free with a new device that has Apple care.

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