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Tamron Unveils Second Generation, Fast 15-30mm Zoom Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

31 August 2018

Tamron has announced the full-frame SP 15-30mm f2.8 Di VC USD G2 (Model A041) featuring an eXpanded Glass Molded Aspherical lens element, as well as multiple Low Dispersion lens elements to minimize the distortion and lateral chromatic aberrations so common in wideangle shooting.

A newly-developed Anti-reflection eXpand coating reduces ghosting and flare. The Dual Micro-Processing Unit delivers improved autofocus speed, precision and image stabilization.

Tamron said this is a next-generation super high-quality, high-speed ultra-wideangle zoom lens "with first-rate optics and a wide range of features that serve to revitalize the user's shooting experience." With the release of this model, three of Tamron's high-speed f2.8 zoom lens with Vibration Compensation are now Generation 2.


Highlights of the 15-30mm zoom include:

  • Full-frame format
  • Aperture rRange: f2.8 to f22
  • Three LD and three Aspherical elements
  • AX, eBAND, BBAR and Fluorine coatings
  • Ultrasonic Silent Drive autofocus motor
  • VC image stabilization
  • Moisture-resistant construction
  • Rounded 9-blade diaphragm
  • Compatible with TAP-in console


Specifications for the new zoom include:

Mount Canon EF, Nikon F
Focal Length 15mm to 30mm
Aperture f2.8 to f22
9 circular diaphragm blades
Angle of View Full frame: 110°r;32' to 71°r;35'
APS-C: 85°r;52' to 49°r;54'
Minimum Focus 11 inches
Magnification 1:5
Optical Design 18 elements in 13 groups
Autofocus Yes
Image Stabilization Yes, up to 4.5 stops
Filter Thread A rear filter holder is available for the Canon mount
Dimensions Canon: 3.87 x 5.7 inches
Nikon: 3.87 x 5.6 inches
Weight Canon: 39.2 oz.
Nikon: 38.8 oz.


Tamron said the 15-30mm zoom would be available in the Nikon mount on Sept. 21 and in the Canon mount on Oct. 12 for $1,299. Preorders are being accepted by Adorama for both the Canon mount and Nikon mount. B&H is also now accepting pre-orders for both the Canon mount and Nikon mount.

For more information see the news release below.

Tamron Announces A New Advanced, Super High-Quality, Fast, Ultra-Wideangle Zoom Lens

COMMACK, N.Y. -- Tamron has announced the launch of a new high-speed ultra-wide-angle zoom lens, the SP 15-30mm f2.8 Di VC USD G2 (Model A041), for full-frame dSLR cameras. The new model will be available in Nikon mount on Sept. 21 and in Canon mount Oct. 12 at a suggested retail price of $1,299.

With a well-established reputation for ultra-high-quality wideangle zoom lenses with its Model A012, Tamron carries on the tradition of high optical performance with the new SP 15-30mm f2.8 Di VC USD G2 (Model A041). By incorporating an XGM (eXpanded Glass Molded Aspherical) lens element, as well as multiple LD (Low Dispersion) lens elements, the distortion and lateral chromatic aberrations so common in wideangle shooting have been greatly minimized. Furthermore, a newly developed AX (Anti-reflection eXpand) Coating has been applied to reduce ghosting and flare more thoroughly than ever before. The optical performance in this high-speed f2.8 ultra-wideangle zoom lens is outstanding. In addition, the built-in Dual MPU (Micro-Processing Unit) enables vastly improved AF speed and precision and image stabilization. This is a next-generation super high-quality, high-speed ultra-wideangle zoom lens with first-rate optics and a wide range of features that serve to revitalize the user's shooting experience. With the release of this model, three of Tamron's high-speed f2.8 zoom lens with VC (Vibration Compensation) are now G2 (Generation 2).

Product Highlights

1. Super high-quality high-speed ultra-wideangle zoom lens

The Model A041 is an f2.8 ultra-wideangle lens with a focal length starting at 15mm that offers high resolution even in the peripheral area of the image. By incorporating an XGM (eXpanded Glass Molded Aspherical) lens element and multiple LD (Low Dispersion) lens elements to curtail distortion and lateral chromatic aberrations, Tamron has achieved a degree of resolution throughout the range that is just as good as a fixed focal length lens.

2. Newly developed AX Coating

The AX (Anti-reflection eXpand) Coating, especially effective for wideangle lenses that tend to let in harmful light from peripheral areas, was developed to control rays that affect image quality. It is a revolutionary new proprietary coating developed in-house by Tamron using specialized deposition technology. The new coating keeps the reflection factor for peripheral areas at the same high level as that for the center area, not only overcoming standard curvature issues, but even overcoming the problems of conventionally produced convex surface with large curvatures for which uniform deposition has always proved difficult to achieve. Furthermore, the Model A041, along with eBand (Extended Bandwidth & Angular-Dependency) Coating utilizing nanotechnology and BBAR (Broad-Band Anti-Reflection) Coating, makes effective use of three different types of coatings, thereby enabling unsurpassed curtailment of ghosting and flare and consequently enabling superlative, exceptionally clear image quality edge to edge.

3. High-speed, high-precision AF

Superb AF speed and precision is delivered by equipping the lens with a Dual MPU (Micro-Processing Unit) system and employing an enhanced AF control algorithm to improve performance. The AF drive uses proprietary Tamron technology, USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive), enabling high torque, high response and silent operation. And because it comes with a Full-time Manual Focus override system, manual focus adjustments can be made on the fly.

4. VC promises sharp images for all varieties of shooting

Tamron released the first high-speed f2.8 ultra-wideangle zoom lens in the world equipped with a VC (Vibration Compensation) mechanism, the original Model A012. The new Model A041 has been further improved with a newly developed VC mechanism that surpasses former versions and reaches 4.5 stops, according to CIPA standards. This makes it possible to shoot sharp photos over a wide range of photographic scenes, including indoor and outdoor shots as well as handheld shots at stopped-down aperture settings for landscape photography.

5. Rear filter holder

The Model A041 made for use on Canon (EF-mount) cameras comes with a filter holder as a standard feature that lets you insert gelatin and other sheet filters into the rear side of the lens. This makes photography using filters much easier and simpler by overcoming the problem of the curvature of the front lens elements that made shooting with filters so difficult in the past.

6. Vastly improved highly durable Fluorine Coating

Abrasion resistance capability has been vastly improved on the new Model A041. The front surface of the lens element is coated with a Fluorine Coating based on a newly developed fluorine compound with high water- and oil-repellent properties. The lens surface is easier to wipe clean and is less vulnerable to the damaging effects of dirt, dust, moisture and fingerprints and enabling your important lenses to be continually protected on a long-term basis.

7. The new design provides greater operability and design consistency

With the new SP design applied, Model A041 shares the same feel of high quality and operability as the other two models in this series, SP 24-70mm f2.8 Di VC USD G2 (Model A032) and SP 70-200mm f2.8 Di VC USD G2 (Model A025). Tamron has merged beautiful craftsmanship with intuitive design in this new high-speed ultra-wideangle zoom lens. Even details like the shape of the switch box, distance-scale window and the precision and stability of the metallic mount reveal a commitment to functionality, as well as design. The result is a next-generation lens that's easy to use yet loaded with cutting-edge technology.

8. Compatible with TAMRON TAP-in ConsoleTM, an optional accessory

The new Model A041 is compatible with the TAMRON TAP-in Console, an optional accessory product that provides a USB connection to a personal computer for easy updating of the lens's firmware as well as customization of features including fine adjustments to the focus position of AF and VC control.

9. Moisture-Resistant Construction

Seals are located at the lens mount area and other critical locations to prevent infiltration of moisture and/or rain to provide Moisture-Resistant Construction. This feature affords an additional layer of protection when shooting outdoors under adverse weather conditions.

10. Manufacturing innovation with thorough attention to details based on the rigorous quality standards worthy of the SP series

Tamron has enhanced the SP series lenses to fulfill high-level photographic requirements and provide the pleasure of ownership. While introducing a new exterior design, Tamron reviewed the SP series standards. The new SP series has been developed by setting rigorous standards for design, manufacturing and quality that apply to the optical design and mechanical design as well as such wide-ranging areas as the product's robustness and improvements in a variety of individual functions. This has helped to achieve a more consistently superb optical performance, making it a lens that fulfills the demand for higher image quality that is compatible with the latest high-pixel cameras. To maximize the optical performance of the SP series, Tamron will continue to enhance the accuracy of the component parts of each lens element unit and improve the mechanical precision of the entire lens, thereby achieving a high overall performance.

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