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DxO Has Successfully Exited Conservatorship Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

10 September 2018

According to a post today on Macintouch, DxO has successfully exited conservatorship.

AntonyG has asked the company about its bankruptcy filing and Riley responded:

As you possibly read, the company was placed under a regime of judicial administration at the beginning of March, which became a time for us to reorganize financially. As of July 18, with all the confidence of the judge, we are no longer under this administration. We have released upgrades for DxO PhotoLab and have upgrades coming as well. We are confident that our customers will not be affected in any way by this measure, as it now behind us.

The company has not previously publicized the July 18 decision. On June 6, it did release its first update to the Nik Collection and PhotoLab 1.2 while discontinuing the One camera.

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