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21 September 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Gaza, the LACP Exposure portfolio review, the V&A's new Photo Centre, the Wired25 portraits and a new laptop.

  • Alan Taylor presents 40 photos of Twenty-five Fridays of Protest in Gaza. The Great March of Return protests demand Palestinian refugees be allowed to return to their lands in present-day Israel. They also protest the blockade of the Gaza Strip and the relocation of the United States Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. (Readers who would like to see a glimmer of hope in this long conflict should spend 10 minutes watching How a Business Bootcamp Is Fostering Palestinian-Israeli Collaboration, a PBS NewsHour segment by economics correspondent Paul Solman. It's the only good news we've heard from the region in decades, frankly.)
  • Jonathan Blaustein reviews The Best Work I Saw at the LACP Exposure Portfolio Review. Susan Turner, Mahala Mazerov, Wayne Swanson (Wayne, the Nikon 995 isn't "outmoded" yet, is it?), JK Lavin, Dennis Keeley, Kevin Weinstein, Matthew Finley and Alexandra DeFurio are featured.
  • Izabela Radwanska Zhang talks to Martin Barnes on the V&A's New Photo Centre. Barnes, the Victoria and Albert Museum's senior curator of photographs, gives her a walk-through of the new facility (and some of its prized possessions) as it prepares to open on 12 October. "We are here to enjoy the culture of photography," he says.
  • Anna Goldwater Alexander, the publication's director of photography, tells How We Captured (Almost) All of the Wired25 Portraits with photographer Michelle Groskopf. "Groskopf's technique is like nothing I've ever seen. Formal portraits are not her thing, but she does photograph people in the wild -- typically, without them knowing," she writes.
  • Kirk Tuck pleaded with readers to advise him on A New Laptop to replace his 2011 MacBook Pro location machine. And he got a lot of good advice.

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