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Leica Releases Sofort Instant Camera in Matte Black Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

21 September 2018

Leica has announced its Sofortz Instax instant camera is now available in black. The Leica Sofort black makes instant color or black-and-white prints from Fujifilm 10 and 20 exposure film packs.

The matte black-finished instant camera has the same features and functions of the existing models which come in orange, white and mint.

The camera's modes include different time exposures and delays, automatic exposure and aperture. Additionally, you have full control of the flash and focusing functions of the camera.


Highlights of the Sofort Black include:

  • Uses Instax mini instant film
  • Automatik-Hektor 60mm f12.7 lens
  • 34mm focal length (35mm equivalent)
  • 3-zone manual focus system
  • 0.37x optical viewfinder with target
  • Built-in flash
  • Mechanical shutter
  • Multiple automatic shooting modes
  • Exposure cCompensation
  • Macro Mode Focuses to 11.8
  • Self-Timer
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack


Additional accessories including carrying straps and cases are available for the Sofort line. The Leica Sofort Black is available now for $299 from B&H.

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