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26 September 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at titanium skid blocks, space junk, Lewis Khan, Albert Watson, Web site portfolios, Johnston wonders about the meaning of it all, the Lowepro 350 AW and copyrighting a batch of photos.

  • A rule change to Formula One racing has returned titanium skid blocks to the cars and fireworks to the track. In Sparks Fly on F1 Racetracks, Alan Taylor collects 15 photos of "these showers of light and fast-moving vehicles."
  • On the other hand, space junk finds pedestrian uses in Remote Russians Recycle Rocket Wreckage. You might suspect the ashtray but how about that sauna tank? Or the snow sled? Some nice shots of life in the remote Mezensky district fill out the show.
  • Lewis Khan Photographs a Lesser-Known Side of London profiles the photographer's love for London, the city that provides the backdrop to his latest series. Khan, who loves the diversity of London's population, is one of three initial winners of the Intrepid Film Photography Award launched in 2017 with the British Journal of Photography.
  • In Breadth and Depth -- the Photography of Albert Watson, Dan Cowles notes the fashion and celebrity photographer "also shoots landscapes, conceptual art, still lifes and much more." Watson, who shot that famous portrait of Steve Jobs, says, "The good news was, I was interested in everything. The bad news is, I was interested in everything."
  • In Marketing Tips: Naming Web Site Portfolios and Entering Competitions, Kristina Feliciano promptly answers the question: Is it boring to name my Web site portfolios by category, like portraits, lifestyle, etc.? "In a word, no." The "but" is not far behind.
  • Mike Johnston asks, What's All This Mean? He's referring to recent developments in the camera industry (as distinct from photo culture) now on display at Photokina 2018 (our daily report will follow later today).
  • Why are camera bags inevitably aggravating? Oh, because of all the gear we keep trying to stuff in them. In What's in My Bag for the TDS Fall Photography Workshop, Derrick Story lists what he's stuffing in the Lowepro 350 AW he took to Cuba.
  • In Copyright Office Provides Helpful Guides on Registering a Group of Photographs, Carolyn Wright links to two PDFs to step you through the process plus other resources for registering your images, which include templates for processing up to 750 photos at a time.

More to come! Meanwhile, please support our efforts...

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