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1 October 2018

We've just archived Volume 7 Number 9 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 16 Features, 37 commented News stories, 25 Editor's Notes (which included 159 items of interest), one review and two site notes for a total of 81 stories.

It was a busy news month with Photokina and the pre-Photokina announcements. But we managed to publish a healthy number of features as well. And, even though there's little evidence of it, we've pushed ahead on a handful of reviews.

READERSHIP numbers aren't all in yet but unique sites should set a new record and pages delivered very close to doing the same. Those are the stats we find most revealing.

We thought it would handy to collect all the stories with specifications tables in one place.

Our most read story (by a huge margin) was the obituary for Ruby Washington. The celebrity launch for the great apes photography book got significant play too. That was followed by a Horn, the Nakamori announcement and the Canon R system announcement.

Social media mentions account for those scores, we suspect. Features and news reports filled out the top ten for September. But by then, the readership numbers look about the same for everything we've published that's been on the site for a few days.

SITE TWEAKS introduced a new index culled from the news section of various types of gear announcements. We thought it would handy to collect all the stories with specifications tables in one place.

So if you're looking for the filter size of a specific lens, all you have to do is visit the new Gear Specs index, search for that lens and click on the link to get to the specifications table.

We made one other minor tweak, restoring the CSS code that enables the alternate Last Updated display to the headlines CSS. An oversight corrected.

AND IN AN AMUSING TWIST to our new editorial count tool (which we described last month), we can now tell you exactly how many images we published last month. For a text-heavy site, it was surprising to find out we published 199 images, up from 150 the month before.

But we know you come here for the articles.

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