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5 October 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Cindy Sherman's self-portraits, Aleksey Kondratyev's ice fishers, Abelardo Morell's flowers, Jim Shaugnessy's railroad, the Olympus 12-100mm Pro lens, the BJP International Photography Award 2019, an Apple Photos shortcut and a Pete Souza photo tour.

  • In Ugly Beauty, Parul Sehgal examines Cindy Sherman's new self-portraits she is posting on Instagram. "They are gloriously, catastrophically themselves and we meet them on their own terms -- as we so frequently meet each other -- in stagy, embarrassing, endearing selfies launched into the world," Sehgal writes.
  • Aleksey Kondratyev has posted his series of Kazakhstan Ice Fishers (click on the image to start the slide show) shrouded in salvaged plastic bags to protect themselves from the -40°C.
  • Flowers for Lisa is "a delirium of photographic invention" by Abelardo Morell. "Flowers are part of a long tradition of still life in art," writes Morell. "Precisely because flowers are such a conventional subject, I felt a strong desire to describe them in new, inventive ways."
  • In The Man Who Spent 60 Years Photographing the North American Railroad, Allison Meier reviews Essential Witness featuring Jim Shaugnessy's black-and-white photographs of the transitional era from steam locomotives to diesel-powered engines.
  • Kirk Tuck discusses his Olympus 12-100mm Pro lens, which he's been using for over a year. He goes into detail about his preferred zoom range and the manual focus behavior of the lens in addition to its image stabilization. Real world factors, in short.
  • The BJP International Photography Award 2019 is now open for entries, offering photographers the chance to win a solo show at TJ Boulting, one of London's leading galleries. A 25 percent discount on entry fees applies before Oct. 31.
  • In Visualizing Photos Taken 'On This Day' in Previous Years With Shortcuts, Federico Vicci updates his Workflow macro for iOS "to find any number of photos for any number of years in the past."
  • If you've got $4,999 handy you can take A Photo Tour of Portugal With Pete Souza. The former White House photographer for President Obama Souza will provide hands-on training during the Sept. 2 to 12 trips.

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