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8 October 2018

Our thanks to Photzy for sponsoring this week's three Photo Corners feeds.

Over 110,000 photographers have used Photzy to improve their photography. After registering on the site, you'll be able to download over 100 free PDF and video tutorials with some juicy meat on their bones.

Think of it as your own private library of photography tutorials.

You can also get up to 80 percent discounts on the company's premium products. Among those is Photzy's popular Snap Cards, a set of 44 one-page PDF tip sheets on nine topics that you can take anywhere. The $220 set is currently available for $29 with free bonus material and a 365-day money-back guarantee.

We've had a peek at the cards and were immediately impressed by their easily navigable graphic design and clear, reliable information. In fact, we downloaded the set to our phone for handy reference (but you can also print them out and put them in your camera bag).

As the holiday season approaches, you won't find many excellent gift ideas this affordable.

Visit Photzy now to up your game.

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