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12 October 2018

There are angels and then there are angles. The Blue Angels are those Ferraris of the sky that roar around without requiring roads to rip up. The other angels are the ones we climbed Twin Peaks to watch last Sunday during the air show.

Kids, parents, grandparents. Tourists and families of locals. Bikers and tour bus groups. First dates, honeymooners, anniversary celebrators. You find all sorts of angels at the top of the world.

We suspect a good percentage of them were not aware that there was an air show that afternoon. They came and went. And came and went. Happy to have a selfie with the city in the background and to see the sights without running all over town.

But a good number of people did come for the air show. They parked all over the place, prompting police bull horns to advise them to find safer spots.

We usually bike up Twin Peaks to do a few laps but on this occasion Joyce and I walked up the half-mile manicured trail from the south. It's a 400-foot climb aided by a number of steps at the steeper parts. There's even a handrail at one point.

And you don't have to worry about parking when you get to the top.

The main parking area where the views of the city and bay can be enjoyed is called Christmas Tree Point. We sat there on the stone wall and watched the children climb the railing as if it were a jungle gym as their parents tried to wrestle them into a family photo.

The guy who does spray paint art was there putting on a show and playing some latin music for the crowd on his boom box.

The air show has a number of acts including Sean D. Tucker and Team Oracle, Michael Wiskus that Lucas Oil dare devil, a United 777 flying low over the bay, the Patriots Jet Team, Fat Albert (the Blue Angel transport plane) and, finally, those Blue Angels.

It's hard to see the planes from Twin Peaks, though. Kids were begging for quarters to use the pay telescopes at the Point but parents were coyly confessing they had no change (you can use your phone to scan a QR code on the pedestal to pay).

We refer you to our 2016 slide show, which we shot from Fort Mason (a much better vantage point than Twin Peaks), if you want to see the Blue Angels. But if you want to see the other angels, you're in the right place.

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