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18 October 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at robots, old favorites, Los Angeles at night, Old Israel, MAX Sneak Peeks, macOS printing changes, a ticket book, BestPhotos and a copyright office request.

  • Alan Taylor presents 35 images of Robots at Work and Play. The collection includes "a Japanese probe reaching a distant asteroid, bipedal-robot fighting matches in Japan, a cuddly cat-substitute robotic pillow, an automated milking machine, delivery bots, telepresence robots, technology on the fashion runway, robotic prosthetic limbs and exoskeletons and much more."
  • Kirk Tuck finishes work for the day on the road and relaxes looking at A Folder of Images, old favorites all of them.
  • LA Low Light tours Los Angeles at night with French photographer Arthur Janin. "The poorly lit streets create an uncomfortable, disturbing, almost scary atmosphere. That's exactly what I'm looking for," Janin says.
  • Matti Friedman takes A Train Ride Back to the Old Israel. His prose is nicely accompanied by photographs taken by Corinna Kern.
  • Lauren Friedman fills you in on What You Missed From Sneaks at MAX 2018. "This year's Sneaks were co-hosted by comedian, actress and writer Tiffany Haddish and Adobe's Paul Trani, senior creative cloud evangelist," she writes. Moving Stills enables any photograph to be turned into a live photo, animating the image in 3D and simulating the realistic effect of flying through the scene:
  • In AirPrint or You're on Your Own: macOS Printing Changes, Harold Oakley jumps through a few hoops to get his HP TopShot LaserJet 200 colorMFP M275nw installed as both an AirPrint printer and a network scanner on Mojave.
  • Street photographers might want to take along The Typographic Ticket Book to cite violations in signage they inevitably encounter. "Contains fifty tickets, each neatly perforated for a satisfyingly loud rip prior to presentation," the description notes. Alas, sold out at the moment.
  • In BestPhotos Offers Streamlined Photo Management, John Voorhees covers the recent update's unique filtering options (some of which are only available with an in-app purchase). "My photo library is a mess and although I don't plan to go through them all, BestPhotos has already been a painless way to begin the process of cleaning up my most recent pictures," he writes.
  • In U.S. Copyright Office Issues a Notice of Inquiry on Registration Modernization, Carolyn Wright notes the Copyright Office "seeks input on three areas of reform: (1) the administration and substance of the application for registration, (2) the utility of the public record and (3) the deposit requirements for registration." Chime in.

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