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7 November 2018

Sunsets over the Pacific Ocean become dramatic in November. El Niño or, in alternate years, La Niña do their part raising or cooling the ocean temperature while the clouds form over otherwise clear skies as the fog of summer mostly disappears.

We did surprisingly little to this image, captured with an Olympus E-PL1 and the kit lens at 42mm, an 84mm equivalent focal length in 35mm. ISO was 200 to get the maximum dynamic range. The aperture was set to f8 and the shutter to 1/100 second. Handheld.

It was the big cloud that impressed us with its ominous fiery glow. Above it a regal blue, below a softer hue. Golden clouds lingering lazily over the ocean.

We fired two shots and then just stood there in awe.

The horizon was obscured by a fog bank, which usually persuades us to leave the camera done in the bunker. But this time it seemed that the fog bank just deferred to the immense cloud.

After living in a dark, lower flat for 28 years where we thought sunrise was about 11 a.m. with sunset around 2 p.m., we know how blessed we are to enjoy a sight like this whenever it happens.

And we're old enough to take even more pleasure in sharing our blessings with you every now and then.

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