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8 November 2018

In a blog post titled The Commons: The Past Is 100% Part of Our Future, SmugMug co-founder and CEO Don MacAskill expanded on Flickr's new Pro accounts and changing Free accounts, particularly in regard to photos shared with Creative Commons licensing.

MacAskill noted that historical, governmental, and nonprofit organizations have shared valuable photos via The Flickr Commons. "Those photos and your ability to share them, are important to us," he wrote. "That hasn't changed."

Highlights of the new policy include:

  • Flickr Commons photos will not be deleted. And content uploaded with a Creative Commons license before Nov. 1 will not be deleted. Flickr users will require a Flickr Pro account to upload more than 1,000 photos and videos moving forward, however.
  • Flickr will work with non-profit organizations which already use Flickr to share their photos like UNICEF, and Second Harvest to ensure a free Pro account set-up.
  • Both Flickr and Creative Commons aim to partner with organizations such as libraries, museums and government agencies to contribute to The Flickr Commons.

For more information see The Commons: The Past Is 100% Part of Our Future.

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