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16 November 2018

There's only 4,744 feet between that church tower and the broadcast tower beyond it. In between is smoke from the wildfires in Northern California that have plagued the Bay area since Friday. Today, we're told, will be worse than it has been.

Unhealthy Air. The white church tower is yellow with the filtered sunlight at 9 a.m. this morning, well after sunrise.

Which is not good news for Chicago. The Jet Stream is carrying California smoke as far as the East Coast through Chicago.

Schools are closed, in a rarity around here. And not just grammar schools but high schools and even colleges like the University of San Francisco and San Francisco State.

Earlier this week we saw a scarlet sun sink into the smoke. But yesterday's sunset (below) hid the red sun at 4:35 p.m., almost half an hour before official sunset at 4:58.

Yesterday' Sunset. Just after the last glimpse of a red sun sank behind the smoke.

You may recognize these views, both taken from inside here. We have ventured out for our daily constitutional most days and to sit on the patio to catch up on our book reviews (coming soon).

We'd have bought a mask but the hardware store in the village has been boarded up for months. After a fire.

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