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19 November 2018

Despite the smoky air we have not given up our mid-morning break on the patio where we read a little bit before returning to the trenches. Today was no different.

Shadow Of A Succulent. Nikon D200 at ISO 100, 1/125 second and 50mm f1.4 at f8.

And yet it was. When we looked up from the page for a minute, we saw the shadow of a succulent stretching along the stucco wall of the bunker. In the yellow light, it struck us as a living Morandi composition.

Simple, in a word.

We grabbed our warm-biased Nikon D200 which just happened to have our 50mm f1.4 Nikkor on it, providing a 75mm crop factor. We saw nothing wrong with that.

We just made sure our ISO was as low as it could get for the most dynamic range and the aperture was sharp enough at f8. There was no question of selective focus for this composition.

In a minute we were done. One shot. Pulled it up in Camera Raw, made the slightest adjustments and that was it.

A succulent doesn't get much attention. Ground cover. That sometimes flowers. Briefly. Or has atrocious stalks bolting out of it. Also briefly.

But for a moment this morning, a succulent was beautiful. It cast a lovely shadow. And stood on the stage in the sun long enough to be appreciated.

Not just by us, we hoped, as we returned to the trenches.

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