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21 November 2018

As gentle rain started falling this morning as we plowed through the news to put our Around The Horn story together and update our Black 'Friday' Horn. And we sighed with relief.

Wet Succulent. Nikon D200 with 50mm f1.4 Nikkor at f11, 1/30 second and ISO 450.

The wildfires will be extinguished at last and the air finally cleared of smoke. No one will have to wear a mask today to breathe.

The local newscasters, Chicken Littles by nature, quickly list the downsides to the rain, especially in the burned out communities. But we're not going there. We need the rain. It's here. Fantastic!

And to celebrate, what could be better for someone who can't dance very well to grab the old camera, flip up the hoodie and poke a head out the back door to grab a representative shot of the miracle?

Well, we couldn't think of anything better. So here you go.

We'll have a lot to be thankful for tomorrow when we sit down with our family at the Thanksgiving table. But today we'll just practice by being thankful for the rain.

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