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30 November 2018

Somehow street photographers never get around to shooting cars. Cars, after all, are always sitting right on the street, ready for their close-up. And yet street photographers ignore them in their hunt for the peculiar, which tends to involve human beings.

We've had a life-long devotion to cars (it was reportedly the first word we ever spoke) and an appreciation for automobile design did not take long to develop.

So it was natural for us, when we found a camera in our hands, to take photos of cars and the parts of them that we find, well, beautiful.

It's hard to find a whole car that is beautiful but there are plenty of examples where a fender is well drawn or a set of lights spectacular or a hood ornament stands out or some wheel looks good even standing still.

Car parts, in short.

After using Excire Search Pro to search for photographs of vehicles in our Lightroom collection, we narrowed the collection down to a few favorites.

Like our shots of leaves last week, they were taken with a variety of cameras from a smartphone to a dSLR. We've mentioned the camera model in the caption for each image.

It's quite a variety. What we had with us had to do the job. There's no coming back once you've left because these subjects tend not to sit in one place very long. They've got places to be. We're glad we didn't pass any of these by.

Probably the worst thing you can say about the design of any car is that it's, well, pedestrian.

None of these are that, we promise.

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