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11 December 2018

In a blog post by Josh Haftel, Adobe announced updates to its Lightroom CC ecosystem, Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Camera Raw centered around performance and workflow improvements and support for new cameras and lenses.

Highlights cited by the company include:

  • Lightroom Classic: Customization options enable you to organize tools in the Develop module to suit your personal workflow and you can now auto-import images directly into a collection. Making precise layouts with the Book Module is simplified with default grid snapping.
  • Lightroom CC on the desktop: With the new Target Album feature, you can quickly add photos to a target album from anywhere in your library with a single shortcut. Additionally, new Share Settings enable you to filter which images are shared within an album.
  • Lightroom CC for Android and ChromeOS: New sharing capabilities include the shared albums tab and the ability to share an assortment of photos without creating an album. Lightroom CC also now features wired Ethernet support for running Lightroom Android on Chrome OS.

For more information see the blog post and Julieanne Kost's Adobe Announces Updates to Lightroom Classic CC (12-2018).

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