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13 December 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Dax Ward, the Canon RF 50mm f1.2L, Meyer Optik Gorlitz, Apple vs. Nvidia, a Sigma deal, a DxO sale and visual searches.

  • In The Art of the Personal Project: Dax Ward, Suzanne Sease features Ward's images of "derelict locations." Despite the decay, Wards says, "the allure for urban explorers and photographers lies in identifying and capturing the remaining beauty in these forgotten locations."
  • Roger Cicala and Aaron Closz have tackled a Disassembly of the Canon RF 50mm f1.2L. They didn't take it entirely apart. "What we did see, though, is the R lenses are not only entirely new optics, they are also largely new electrical and mechanical systems," Cicala writes. Which, he adds, the company has been working on "for quite a while."
  • In Meyer Optik Görlitz Revived After Insolvency by OPC Optic, Optical Precision Components Europe promises "existing products are to be optimized, production processes professionalized and further products developed." The company added it can't fulfill orders from the defunct firm but is looking into making discounts available.
  • In Apple Turns Its Back on Customers and Nvidia With macOS Mojave, Marco Chiappetta investigates Mojave's failure to support Nvidia GPUs. The lack of Nvidia drivers results in "rendering regressions and slow performance," according to a growing list of users who are petitioning Apple to work with Nvidia to resolve the situation.
  • Sigma is offering instant savings up to $150 on its Art and Contemporary lenses and accessories through Jan. 7.
  • DxO is holding a Special Year-End Sale of 30 percent off all its software including PhotoLab 2, Nik Collection, FilmPack 5, ViewPoint 3 and the bundled Photo Suite.
  • Brett Butterfield explains How AI Is Powering Visual Search, specifically in ecommerce.

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