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27 December 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Christmas, Ronni Campana, Xyza Bacani, five deals, photowalks, iPhone cameras, the FujiFilm X-E3, Sister Wendy and two deaths.

  • Alan Taylor takes one last look at Christmas Around the World 2018. The photos from Australia, Japan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, England, Bolivia, the U.S., India, Indonesia, Italy, Israel and France among other countries portray a different world than the one in the headlines each day.
  • In Ronni Campana Photographs Badly Repaired Cars, Stephanie Wade explores the Milanese photographer's photo book of cars, trucks and other vehicles "that have undergone DIY improvements in east London." Which would be funny if it weren't so sad.
  • In A Mother and Daughter's Unlikely Journey as Migrant Workers, James Estrin looks at Xyza Bacani's first book We Are Like Air, which tells the story of her mother, a Filipina domestic worker, and her evolving relationship with her.
  • Derrick Story lists Five Great Photo Deals Available Right Now. Featuring heavy discounts, they make some nice gear suddenly affordable.
  • Robin Wong has some ideas for Keeping Photowalks Fresh. But the essay also nicely describes the experience, why photowalks matter and what is so confusing about them.
  • Max Yuryev compares The iPhone XS and XS Max's Two Cameras. He tried living with the wide-angle XS camera but went back to the XS Max's two cameras.
  • Kirk Tuck has some nice things to say about the FujiFilm X-E3. "To get right to the point, the X-E3 is capable of making superb images as its sensor yields very accurate colors, very nice and easy to work with tonalities, ample dynamic range and good white balance," he writes.
  • Sister Wendy Beckett has died at the age of 88. Known for her captivating series on art history, she showed her viewers how to look at a composition, bringing it alive both through its formal elements and the shared human experience it depicts. Here's a short video showing her at her best:
  • In Deaths in the Family, Mike Johnston laments the passing of Jim Hughes, his mentor, and Michael A. Smith, "an independent spirit with a devotion to quality and bounteous energy for following through."

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