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25 January 2019

Capture One has released its Editor's Choice free style pack for Capture One 12 owners. The pack includes 10 styles available through Jan. 31 only.

Bay Trail. With MT-02 (Matte) Style applied.

The Editor's Choice free style pack includes styles from eight packs:

B&W Styles

  • BW-01

Cinematic Styles

  • CM-03

Latitiude Deep Forest Styles

  • DF-03 - Arapaho
  • DF-03 - Arapaho (bright)
  • DF-03 - Arapaho (dark)

Film Styles

  • FL-06
  • FL-06 (+)
  • FL-06 (-)
  • FL-14 (B&W)
  • FL-14 (B&W) (+)
  • FL-14 (B&W) (-)

Matte Styles

  • MT-02
  • MT-16 (B&W)

Latitiude Sunbound Styles

  • SB-03 - Petra
  • SB-03 - Petra (bright)
  • SB-03 - Petra (dark)

Seasonal Styles

  • SN-01

Spectrum Styles

  • SP-11
  • SP-11+

To get the free styles, visit the Complimentary Style Pack page, fill out the form and watch your email for the download link.

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