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28 January 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Data Privacy Day, Garrett Grove, Bruce Gilden, Robin Wong, Don McCullin, a Medium Format look, David Hobby, FoodPhoto Art Exhibtion 2019 contest, Nikon deals and Fujifilm deals.

  • Today is Data Privacy Day and Adobe has "teamed with OneTrust to develop new tools and offerings that address a few of the unique privacy challenges in the mobile space. These new OneTrust tools can help marketing, legal, privacy and technology stakeholders have the conversations needed to develop a privacy-friendly, data-driven mobile experience." One such tool is the Mobile App Privacy Health Check to generate a report on which permissions, SDKs and frameworks a company's mobile app requires.
  • In Garrett Grove Photographs American Identity and Anxiety in the Trump Era, Stephanie Wade presents the photographer's new series Journey to the Interior, inspired by a 1985 Margaret Atwood poem of the same name. "Moody grayscale landscapes are juxtaposed against color portraits of working-class civilians, taken in country towns including Pomeroy in the state of Washington and Jordan Valley in Oregon, where population levels are low," she writes.
  • In Bruce Gilden: 'In These Women's Faces, I Find My Mother's Story', Tom Seymour interviews the famously intrusive photographer about his new book Only God Can Judge Me.
  • Robin Wong shares the first set of this recent street shots in Bangkok. "It was a joy discovering a new culture and interesting local practices, such as the couple holding dressed up and made up dolls in the opening image," he writes.
  • In Like a Toothbrush, It Does the Job -- Don McCullin, Francis Hodgson reprises two pieces he wrote last year on McCullin's work. "Together they both make the point which I still think worth underlining, that McCullin was never only a photographer," he writes. "He was always a tremendous journalist -- who happened to use a camera as most traditionally used a typewriter and some sometimes a tape-recorder."
  • Jim Kasson spends some time Testing for the MF Look as in Medium Format. Is there a "look" for a format? Hard to test for it, he proves.
  • David Hobby continues his Strobist Lighting Cookbook with Small, Fast and Powerful. "Much like a welterweight fighter, a leaf-shuttered camera and a speedlight in a mini softbox throws a punch that is much harder than you'd expect," he writes.
  • FoodPhoto Art Exhibtion 2019 is open for food photography entries until Feb. 15 to its Festival exhibition in Vejle, Denmark, from June 5 to 30. The Festival, which brings together food and photography, will include Photo workshops and portfolio reviews during its June 4 to 7 run.
  • Nikon is offering a $400 Trade-In Bonus towards Nikond Z 6 and Z 7 gear when you trade in any working interchangeable-lens camera. It's also discounting the D850 for the first time.
  • Fujifilm is offering up to $1,000 Instant Rebates on selected X Series and GFX products.

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