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25 February 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at the Oscars, WWII in color, Johnston x 3, the PEN-F, one-bag travel, Peter Karbe, a chocolate box studio, new step-up rings, Photoshop shortcuts, Rogue Photo and Fujifilm media price increases.

  • Alan Taylor curates The 2019 Oscars in Photos, which goes along nicely with The Guardian's Oscars Red Carpet in Pictures. It used to be that just the dresses looked uncomfortable but now even the suits seem unsuitable for extended wear (or even sitting down). Which makes the whole show even more fun.
  • Ted Dearberg of the Imperial War Museum presents The Second World War in Color-Pictures. "Each photograph has been carefully optimized by the museum's team of expert restorers to bring back the accuracy, color and detail over the years, which have faded from both paper and memory," he writes. They do look like they were taken yesterday.
  • Mike Johnston has a few things up his sleeve this morning. In The Intangible Tangibles of the Immediate Tangent, he reveals "an amazing and bizarre letter written from [Ansel] Adams to another photographer" found in an old book. Then he has a Rude Awakening after slipping on ice, banging his head and reemerging into consciousness only to find it a fantasy itself. Then, back in the saddle, he issues a warning about a new rights grab in Brand Sunsets (And Kodakit).
  • In The PEN-F Was Never Meant to Be Forever, Derrick Story does not the lament rumors of classic's discontinuation. "I'm going to ride this horse off into the sunset. And only then, when he can run no longer, will I retire him to pasture," he muses.
  • In The One-Bag Photographic World Traveler, Thom Hogan presents a couple of setups (minimal, maximum) and various tidbits about traveling light these days.
  • Thorsten Overgaard interviews Lens Designer Peter Karbe. "This is first part of our talk where we get around quite a few things on lens design, which perhaps reveals some pointers to the future of Leica photography," Overgaard writes.
  • Strobist David Hobby continues his Strobist Lighting Cookbook with Chocolate Box Studio. In this project, he turns a 12x12x12-inch cardboard box into a light box ideally suited to photographing chocolates (and other small objects.
  • Jim Kasson really likes his Breakthrough Photography Step-Up Rings. They're less expensive than his Heliopan rings. "And they're better," he says.
  • Scott Kelby has posted Seven More of My Favorite Photoshop Shortcuts. We always manage to amuse ourselves by seeing how many of them we don't know. That, you know, we'd actually use.
  • In Rogue Photo: Call for Proposals, Andrew Molitor offers to collaborate on a photo book project. "You will always retain all rights to your work and can back out at any time," he promises.
  • Fujifilm Announces Worldwide Price Revision of Photographic Film and Photographic Paper. And, of course, the revision is upwards. The minimum increase for film is expected to be 30 percent ad "a double-digit percentage" for paper, effective April 1 (which has its own symbolism).
  • Pieter Arntz has posted The Lazy Person's Guide to Cybersecurity: Minimum Effort for Maximum Protection. "Lazy security is a good way to protect those who prefer to do nothing rather than be overwhelmed by 50 somethings, but it shouldn't have severe consequences if it goes wrong," he writes.

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