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6 March 2019

In contrast perhaps to yesterday morning's exuberant celebration of Monday as a concept, we confess that we find starting any day harder than it should be. All anyone ever wants is "one more day" and yet here we are, stumbling out of the hay loft in the dimness toward the salvation of the coffee machine.

Reverso. Milk frothed, espresso added, ready to fuel the search for meaning.

We've got the coffee down to a few efficient steps designed to minimize disasters in the kitchen. A little milk in a cup, some froth and then a 15 second draw from the Capresso does it. It may look like a cappuccino to you, but we call it a reverso because the coffee goes into the milk.

Our best forefinger looped through the cup, we head for the stairs for our descent into the bunker where we daily fight dragons and see the marvelous unfold before our very sleepy eyes.

But that's the moment when we utter a rallying cry that we can recommend for its healthy effect. Were we on PBS's pledge schedule, this is the secret to life we would impart with a full DVD set of the Photo Corners Web site.

Were we on PBS's pledge schedule, this is the secret to life we would impart with a full DVD set of the Photo Corners Web site.

Oh, right, the secret.

As we take our first tentative steps down the staircase, the coffee held like a lamp before us, we recite Robin Williams' war cry, "Good Mornin', Vietnaaaaam!"

Once will do it.

Nobody will follow you into battle but your blood will circulate with more authority, sneaking past the plaque and ducking any perilously thin arterial walls threatening your well-being.

Oddly enough, this morning as we navigated to the staircase, passing under the skylight that was pinging with dense raindrops, we uttered a different famous line.

"Wholey Mackel!" we said to ourselves. The phrase derives from "Holy Mackeral", apparently, a euphemism for "Holy Mary."

When we said it this morning, though, it didn't have any religious connotation. No, we sounded a lot like Kingfish in Amos 'n' Andy who was the leader of the Mystic Knights of the Sea Lodge. Exactly how we feel if that first step down goes all right.

It worked so well this morning that we grabbed the camera, took a shot of the reverso and started the day by banging out this story.

As, you know, our coffee got cold.

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