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1 April 2019

We've just archived Volume 8 Number 3 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 26 Features, 16 commented News stories, 29 Editor's Notes (which included 192 items of interest), one review and one site note for a total of 73 stories.

We published 146 images, many of which appeared in our five slide shows this month. We also wrote five obituaries, an unusually high number.

Our review total, just one, is a bit misleading. We reviewed four book titles in that one review and we also covered SFMOMA's snap+share exhibit.

But the review game remains challenging, you may have noticed. A review, properly done, can take months and involve quite a bit of back-and-forth with the product team, ironing out or explaining issues we uncover. We put the same time in but getting to the point of publishing is increasingly taking more effort.

We have one product here we're itching to write about but we've gone through two iterations of the design and the software part of the product is still incomplete. Should we write about it? Or give the team more time to complete the picture?

Name another site with that provides this much to think about.

So meanwhile, we set the table with more Features than ever and more items in our Editor's Notes. We think it's safe to say nowhere else provides as comprehensive a combination. If you skip Photo Corners, you've missed a lot.

READERSHIP numbers continue to stymie us with report outages. The problem the last two months has been report failures on maintenance days, we're told. We've pointed out the obvious: that missing days makes any monthly total incomplete.

What we have observed from our Webalizer counts is that Pages, Files and Hits all exceeded last month's totals, more in line with January (almost exactly with two days to go and one missing). And that our bytes downloaded are higher than any time since last November.

We're delivering about half a million pages (think of them as stories) a month to over 12,000 unique sites, some of which are feeds, of course.

TOP STORIES were a surprise with Turnely's Paris video just edging out Women in the 21st Century.

Our news story on Black Eye's smartphone kit took third place just ahead of A Deep Thought On Camera Reviews.

Fifth place was the first Horn of the month followed by our Pier Pilings slide show.

That's a nice mix of different kinds of things. And first two obits of the month helped fill out the top ten, making it more varied.

Name another site with that provides this much to think about.

SUPPORT is always an issue for everyone, which is why we don't much mention it. We shake our head every time we switch to our local Pledge Broadcasting System TV station and see regular programming suspended for self improvement shows. Imagine donating and seeing nothing pitches to donate month after month.

Clearly another model is necessary to support the kind of work PBS does as well as many lesser lights like ourselves. The National Endowment for the Arts would be the logical clearing house. A tax on the populace to fund culture.

But we aren't there now and probably never will be. So we remain grateful to the people who dare to support us with subscriptions and affiliate purchases. Thank you. You get it.

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