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3 April 2019

Our brief dalliance with spring ended with the weekend. It's on to summer weather, apparently. Which is to say, fog.

Spring Fog. Nikon D300 capture at 75mm and f5, 1/1000 second and ISO 200 before a slight edit in Adobe Camera Raw.

We caught this view of the fog rolling in (right to left) on our way home yesterday from shooting cherry blossoms in the rain. Which was not a great idea, it turned out. The fog posing for us was a consolation prize.

But we liked the scene enough to shake the rain off our camera and line up the shot.

At about 900 feet above sea level, we can't escape the marine layer (as it's called) but it is noticeably brighter up here than down below.

That's another consolation. We're taking our consolations seriously these days. Collecting them, in fact.

For a rainy day.

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