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19 April 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Mary Ellen Matthews, San Francisco earthquake photo auction, Godox, wire photos, Billie Weiss, food photography mistakes and Mike Scrutton.

  • In How the SNL Portrait Became Its Own Art Form, Devon Ivie interviews Mary Ellen Matthews, SNL's official photographer, about her "bumpers" for each show. Those are the stills you see between a commercial and the return to the show. "I kind of think of them as billboards. They pop off the screen," she says.
  • Swann Galleries auctioned 40 previously unknown prints of the San Francisco Earthquake & Fire yesterday on the anniversary of the earthquake for $2,860.
  • Kirk Tuck's Best Lighting Value of the Week turns out to be two inexpensive Godox units, a monoblock and a strobe.
  • Benjamin Pineros reviews David Pace's new book Images in Transition, "a collection of evocative wire photos from World War II" made in collaboration with gallery owner Stephen Wirth, who had collected the images. "Together we selected a small portion of each image -- the most interesting section, in our view," Pace says. "We enlarged it and touched it up using Photoshop to create new pieces." Images in Transition: Wirephoto 1938-1945 is available for $41.62 (list $55).
  • David Walker interviews Billie Weiss, Manager of Photography for the Boston Red Sox. He talks about his job and even shares a little advice. "If you're shooting at a college and they have an athletics program," he says, "be out there shooting every game as much as you can get your hands on, because that's what you've got access to and that's what you can tell some really great stories with."
  • Steve Hansen lists Six Common Food Photography Mistakes and How to Fix Them. Plus one free tip: "Have fun and experiment, experiment, experiment."
  • In Adobe's Mike Scrutton Wins Prestigious Print Industry Award, Mark Lewiecki applauds Scrutton for over 25 years of print industry development, including heading the PDF Print Engine team. At 23, Scrutton pioneered work on the Frequency Modulated screening technology used in inkjet printers today.

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