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21 May 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at the Volhynia massacre, Pelle Cass, FotoKonBit, Buddha Day, stacking errors, making basic selections, Synology and a copyright webinar.

  • In Recovering the Memories of a 1943 Massacre in Eastern Europe, Sara Aridi presents the work of Maksymilian and Magdalena Rigamonti, who provide "an overdue memorial for those who perished in the Volhynia massacre during World War II." Their book Echo, with Maksymilian's photographs of former Polish villages wiped out during the conflict, won the Photography Book of the Year award in the 2019 Pictures of the Year International Competition.
  • Kate Sierzputowski presents several New Time-Lapse Compositions by Pelle Cass. "Over the last year and a half the Brookline, Massachusetts-based photographer has turned his lens to sports, framing sporting events from fencing to college football in order to create densely packed scenes that combine players from multiple images," she writes.
  • In Photography Collective Shows the 'Other Haiti', Jacqueline Charles profiles FotoKonbit, a collective founded by photographers Marie Arago, Noelle Theard and Tatiana Mora Liautaud that has trained more than 100 students in the art of photography. FotoKonbit, Theard says, uses photography to challenge the conventional Haiti narrative: a political basket case plagued by poverty and disaster.
  • Alan Taylor presents 20 photos of Buddha Day Celebrations from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia and more.
  • In Photography by Curation, Jim Kasson pursues the aesthetics of a stacking error. "About a week ago, I decided to write my own stacking program," he writes, to have more control over the stacking process.
  • Julieanne Kost demonstrates Seven Tips for Making Basic Selections in Photoshop:
  • In Synology ... Where My Pictures Live, Joe McNally reports on his new storage system. "Working with the extraordinarily helpful folks at Synology, whose tech support has been stellar, we have now advanced to a mirror set of NAS arrays, one, a brand new Synology DS2419+, which is now our go to and our older, DS2415+ becomes the backup," he writes.
  • Carolyn Wright reports the Copyright Office Announces Third Modernization Webinar on May 30. "This webinar will focus on how data management will be applied in relation to copyright data and modernization," she writes. Registration required.

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